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10 Romantic Places To Visit In Dubai For Honeymoon In 2020

“Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day”

We often get these kinds of wishes on our wedding day, but how to give this new life a kickstart full of joy, love and togetherness? The answer is Honeymoon, where you make your first ever and everlasting memories.

If you are musing to choose your honeymoon destination, then you would love to know that there are not less than 50 destinations to visit in Dubai for honeymoon. We would cover few of them here and you could find the perfect Dubai honeymoon holiday packages. Experience your best days in Dubai gazing the unequaled beauty. So, we are making sure that you to book Dubai honeymoon packages after reading this article.

1: Burj Khalifa

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We couldn’t put Burj Khalifa on any other number in the list, How could we? Who would not want to start their new life with the exciting energy around the World’s Tallest Building? The amalgamation of its breathtaking beauty and the perfection of the modern engineering makes this place worth than any other place in Dubai.

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2: The Dubai Fountain

Candlelight dinner is old school now, we recommend you to experience something dazzling while having dinner in Dubai. This show has a power to get all the excitement out in you as the combination of water and lights would surely give you adrenaline rush. Do not miss to see these fountains in the eyes of your behalf, that’s another level of love.

3: Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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What could be more exciting than living few hours in the largest shelved aquarium in the world. If you are a scuba person and your behalf is not, then we have this amazing alternate. You would be able to catch a glimpse of this mesmerizing underwater life and notice these giant sharks with more than 139 species chilling around you.

4. Expo 2020

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Since we are guiding you for the Dubai Honeymoon packages in 2020 and you are planning to go around October then, we don’t want you to miss The Expo 2020. It definitely is a lifetime experience and it’ll always be something to get excited about, with a thrashing program of live performances including world-famous stars, comedy greats, local talent shows and touring attractions. Get cuisines that you love to fall for and all the other amazing things out there.

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5. Black Palace Beach

Honeymoon is undeniably incomplete without some open romance with your life partner. The beauty of this beach is going to force you indulge in your beloved so deeply with all the breeze around, sandy paths. Not miss worthy.

6. White Dubai

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Till here, we have guided for all the Serene you could have in Dubai. Now we would suggest you some spectacular night clubs and discs to groove around with your lab-dub.

This place is meant for the free birds. Show your moves, seduce your behalf and get into the mood. This club would definitely give a crack on your wallet but its worth. The live performances, views form the rooftop and all that energy around would make your night like a never before. We would recommend choosing the best dress of your closet for this place to get dolled in.

7. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

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This place gives you the chance to check the love of your partner towards the nature. Witness the beautiful Red Flamingos and the beauty around. Perfect place for all the Insta lovers out there, get ready for all the heart counts going up. The views are so mesmerizing that you would want to spend home hours just sitting gazing.

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8. Desert Safari

We can’t complete this list without mentioning Desert Safari. A must go and to experience. There could be nothing that would replace the joy you could have in this Safari. Spending a night with your love in the Arabian Desert would never fail to impress you. Remember that Arabian night view from the all the Aladdin series? Yes, you will get that here. Amazing dinner and live shows are cherries on the cake.

9. Club Boudoir

This club gives you something which makes you feel as its personalized for you people travelling for Dubai honeymoon holiday from Delhi or India I would say. This place surely knows how to make Indians fall for them. Bollywood’s 90’s songs and drinks together, What combination man! The aura in there is amazing to get your mood up.

10. Cavalli Club

Do you want to personify the serenity in you? This place has a perfect amalgamation of taste and style. We would say, this place depicts the actual lavishness and class of Dubai. The interior out there would force your mind to say “wow”. Glamorous in the word for this place.

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