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How expensive is a holiday to Europe for an Indian? If you are planning too

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Are you planning to visit Europe then the first thing is to have a “tentative” travel plan so you can quote it. If you have no idea how to do it here I tell you how expensive is a holiday to Europe for an Indian.

Expense 1. Airplane

Since you know what places you are going to visit, it is time to quote the flight from your city of origin to your destination. It is best to have tentative dates because prices vary a lot throughout the year, but even if you do not have one you can use a flight comparator to give you an idea of costs. Google Flights is a very good alternative and in the following video I leave you more options of reliable websites to buy your flights. You can also take Europe tour package.

Expense 2. Daily travel budget (lodging and meals)

The daily budget for backpackers includes a dorm bed in a well-qualified and cheap hostel, 3 meals, two public transport rides, a paid cultural attraction and 3 beers.

While if you are looking for more comfort and privacy, the budget of travellers who stay in 3-star hotels is designed for couples who choose to stay in rooms with private bathrooms. That is, two people sharing a room and taxi expenses. It also contemplates the most popular cultural attraction of the destination, such as a museum, three meals and three alcoholic beverages (beer or wine).

And although many do not drink alcoholic beverages daily, it is included to have contemplated an “extra” expense that can be used in an ice cream or any additional small purchase.

Expense 3. Internal transportation

In addition to adding the cost to get to Europe it is important that you define how much you will spend to move from city to city that you will visit. Costs of the most common routes and the different types of transportation you can use is not very high.

Expense 4. Extras

Already with the three previous concepts you have a very good estimate of your trip, but if your trip is serious and you really want to know how much you can spend, I recommend you to add a few extra expenses:

•             Money for shopping and souvenirs

•             Cost of international medical insurance

•             Passport costs, visas or any other procedure

•             Cost of luggage and any luggage accessory

The first expense is optional and you can even eliminate it, but better take some money already prepared. International medical insurance often gives you your credit card when you buy the trip, or if you already have a national policy, it covers travel. But Europe travel package make it reasonable.

Finally, the suitcases are better to invest in quality luggage that can last you many trips, than in one that breaks in the middle of your adventure and end up buying emergency in a foreign country.

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