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How to Enjoy a Vacation in Dubai On a Budget

Dubai certainly is counted amongst the best of the best while speaking about the most luxurious destinations in the world. This world city is associated with opulence and everything larger than life. Dubai is the ultimate dream destination for a family vacation but the exorbitant prices may seem out of reach for many budgeted travelers. Fortunately for them, a little research can help discover customizable Dubai family holiday tour packages, affordable places to stay, cheap or free things to do in the city and shopping hacks which are enough to make the trip memorable. Here are our top tips for planning an exciting family getaway to Dubai without busting your budget.

  • Reaching Dubai on a budget

Several airlines operate between India and Dubai, offering various facilities at different prices. If you are planning to take your family on a Dubai holiday, book your tickets at least 3 months in advance. Some of the best tour agencies in India offer Dubai family holiday tour packages with great discounts on travel as well as accommodation. Winter months are the ideal time to visit Dubai, attracting travelers in huge numbers, and therefore flight tickets would be costlier. To avoid the crowd and to save on your travel, you can Book Dubai holiday from Delhi during the offseason (April to August) and enjoy some handsome discounts.

  • Finding affordable accommodation in Dubai
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When it comes to accommodation, Dubai has something for every kind of traveler. Hotels, serviced apartments and resorts away from the city center offer a comfortable stay for your family at an affordable price. Have a look at the options your travel agent is offering in the Dubai tour packages and opt for the most suitable one. If you are booking on your own, find the best deals by staying in the old city. Ensure that your hotel or apartment is located near a Metro station which makes commuting a lot easier.

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  • Travel around Dubai on a budget

If you want to avoid the crazy traffic in Dubai and travel comfortably, take the Dubai Metro. With most tourist attractions located just a walking distance away from a Metro station, opting for this public transport saves money and time. As you would be taking several Metro rides when in Dubai, it is ideal to buy an NOL Silver which is pre-loaded with 19dhs in fares. You can prepare a customized itinerary for your Dubai trip package based on the Metro routes and visit all the major attractions in the city.

To cover shorter distances, you can either hire a taxi or catch a bus. Crossing the Dubai creek on a traditional dhow or Abra is a unique experience which is light on your pocket a well. Don’t forget to avail the free rides offered by your hotel or by your Dubai tour packages agency.

  • Free or cheap things to do in Dubai

The list of ‘things to do in Dubai’ is endless, and many of these experiences may not cost you a penny. Camel racing, a symbol of Emirates culture, is packed with thrill and excitement. This must-do activity in your Dubai packages can be enjoyed for free every Friday morning.

Horse racing in Meydan is a spectacle worth watching for free. Sitting in the stands, you will not only watch some of the best horses race against each other but also witness how passionate the locals are about this sport.

To understand the vital role camels have played in the history and culture of the Middle East, visit the Camel museum without any entry fees. It depicts the love and respect people have for their beloved desert animal.

You may have to spend a good deal of money if you want to climb Burj Khalifa, but it costs you nothing to visit the park in front of it. Gaze at the spectacular skyscraper to your heart’s content and enjoy the mesmerizing fountain show held every evening. Go ahead and explore the famous malls and beaches of Dubai, even if you don’t intend to shop at these high-end stores. Collect fond memories of Dubai as your tour operator takes you on a city tour as part of your Dubai trip package.

If your budget allows, go on a day trip to Abu Dhabi or plan a desert safari to explore the sandy wilderness. These sure are once in a lifetime experiences and should be included in the Dubai tour packages.

  • Pocket-friendly ways to eat and drink in Dubai

From 7-star fine dining restaurants to local food stalls, Dubai is a culmination of world cuisine. When on a family vacation in this global city, you can taste some of the authentic Middle Eastern dishes which you may not find anywhere else in the world. As the evening sets in several food stalls start selling mouth water sweet and savory delicacies which are priced very reasonably. You must include some of the local restaurants in your Dubai packages itinerary to relish some of the famous Arabic, Lebanese and Indian dishes. If you want to save further on food, book an apartment with a kitchenette where you can cook your meals.

Being a Muslim country, Dubai is conservative about the consumption of alcohol. You can buy beer at restaurants, but the tax is pretty high. So if you are not very keen on drinking, avoid alcohol altogether.

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  • Shopping in Dubai within your budget
Dubai tour Packages

How can you not shop when in Dubai! You can explore more pocket-friendly ways to shop in the city and satiate the shopaholic in you. Visit the local markets called souks to buy top-quality spices, dry fruits, souvenirs and jewelry at a reasonable price. If you have opted for Dubai packages through an agency, your local guide will help you bargain and buy things at a reasonable price. It is ideal to carry some cash with you as the local shopkeepers may not accept cards or traveler’s cheque. Although Dubai is a great place to shop for gold ornaments, if it is not on your shopping list, you better stay away from buying the yellow metal.

Dubai surely is an expensive destination but not beyond your reach if you plan your tour well. Book Dubai holiday from Delhi and treat your family with a thrill-filled vacation. Get in touch with us @ ………….. for more information.

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