Maldives Honeymoon Tour

How to plan the perfect Maldives Honeymoon Tour

It would not be wrong to say that honeymoon is the much needed get-away after the months of stressful and tiring preparation of the wedding. And we also want this trip to be the lifetime event for obvious reasons. And when you say that we want to make it a lifetime experience, then you gotta plan it. We would be glad to help you out in planning your lifetime event here if you are looking for Maldives as “The Destination”. We are going to help you out here in booking a perfect Maldives Honeymoon Tour.

So here is how to plan the perfect Maldives Honeymoon Tour.

Choose the best Stay

Maldives is every much customized and designed for honeymooners as it remains always on the top of the list for honeymoon especially for Indians. And when you are on your honeymoon you are not allowed to compromise on your stay. Maldives has it all from retreats to amazing underwater bungalow. So budget would not be a constraint here. Choose your stay very wisely after consulting the interest and preference of your partner.

Below is the list of some of our recommendations.

1: Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives
2: Gangehi Island Resort
3: Nika Island Resort & Spa
4: Velassaru Maldives
5: LUX* South Ari Atoll

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Make your Bucket List

Before you book Maldives Honeymoon packages, we recommend you to make a bucket list and be very specific about what you both want on your honeymoon. We would not want you to waste time on anything which you both would not enjoy and end up wasting your precious time.

Here we have made a list of the activities you can do on your honeymoon in Maldives.

1: Romantic things to do – experience private resorts, underwater parties, jazz nights, candle light beach dinners.

2: Adventurous things to do in Maldives – Snorkeling, Whale watching, helicopter tour, sailing and ski safari.

3: Fun things to do in Maldives – See dolphins, sandbank picnics, white-night parties, cruising.


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 We cannot deny the fact that food has the power to swing one’s mood upside down. And when you are on your honeymoon, trust us mood is everything. Specifically, when we travel to a different country we experience a huge difference in the taste of the food. Maldives is bit different in this case as it has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Maldives is divine for the Seafood lovers. Some restaurants ace in serving the best of continental items. It would be bit difficult for the pure vegetarians in Maldives as the main offerings of this place would revolve around sea items. Vegetarians would be able to get some amazing snacks like Samosa and roasted vegetables.

We would here help you out in making your “must taste” list.

1: Masroshi

2: Bis Keemiya

3: Gulha

4: Aluvi Boakibaa

5: Maldivian Vegetable Curry

We would never recommend you to miss these delicacies of Maldives.

Flight Bookings / Packages

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It’s a well-known fact that sooner you get your flight booked, better the price you would get. So very first thing you do once you get your wedding dates, get your flights booked. We highly recommend you to get the Maldives Honeymoon Packages Booked to make your trip hassle free so that you would not be able to spend each moment utmost with your behalf.

We wish you a very happy honeymoon and a beautiful journey.
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