How to select the best travel itinerary for Goa if you are a newly married couple

How to select the best travel itinerary for Goa if you are a newly married couple

A trip to India is a journey through a complex history, colourful culture and a varied landscape that stretches from the snowy layers of the mighty Himalayas to the lush Indian Ocean coast abundant. The sixth largest in the world and home to more than 1200 million people economy,

Essential aspects of the beach to make your trip to Goa easy and stylish. Goa is the perfect holiday beach “at any time”. But to make sure you have fun and do not get burned by the sun on your relaxing beach vacation, take these beach vacation items that you must bring on your beach season list to the shopping list. Take benefits of Goa honeymoon packages before your honeymoon visit to Goa With

  1. One of the main disadvantages of Goa is that sun is very hot there, which could be literally fatal for European tourists. Many tourists are burned badly during the first day of rest, so you should not neglect the means of sun protection.
  2. Local beaches cannot boast with the calm sea, as there are often quite high waves. That is why it is recommended to go to the beach with small children before 10 am, when the sea is calm. Those who like beach accessories are recommended to choose the simplest suit, since there is a significant risk of losing an ornament due to the strong waves.
  3. The high traveller period in Goa is from month of November to the end of February month. The air temperature at this time is not more than + 33C, so guests would have a great opportunity to combine beach vacations with walks and excursions along scenic spots.
  4. One of the most popular memories is the spirits. A selection of alcoholic beverages is simply huge; they are of high quality and affordable prices.
  5. Many manifestations of the local lifestyle may seem quite unusual for foreign guests. For example, the locals have been accustomed to a large number of cows that can walk freely through the main streets of the capital and the most prestigious beaches. Cows are considered sacred animals here, so it is not acceptable to show their discontent with their presence.
  6. Tip is common literally everywhere; It is recommended to leave a small monetary reward for any service. In the restaurant you can add about 5% of the total; it is appropriate to leave 10 rupees for a taxi driver, a tour guide and a maid in a hotel.
  7. Currency exchange can be found not only in banks and private exchange offices, but also in some stores that have exchange boards. It is worth noting that the last road is considered one of the most profitable, but if you want to exchange a large sum, it is better to use banking services.
  8. Payment without cash for goods and services is not common, so it is better to have a sufficient amount of cash. In large cities, ATMs are ubiquitous, so it will not be difficult to get money out

So book your Goa holiday packages and enjoys your trip to Goa by keeping the above things in mind.

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