Plan Your Pleasant Trip to Kerala with Latest Kerala Package 2019

If you are planning for a trip which can provide you great peace of mind and relaxation, no other place can enchant you as much as Kerala. Here you can explore the world’s best sights and the great God-Gifted natural beauty and beaches. If you are still confused about Kerala Tour Package, you will be assured after going through this blog about Kerala Trip Package

First of all, let us know you about Kerala’s Must-See Places. If you are traveling in Kerala and you miss out these places, then your trip can’t be said to complete.

Meenmutty Waterfalls:

Kerala is the most prestigious state of India because of its mighty waterfalls. Among them, the one Meenmutty waterfalls are one of the most popular attractions of Kerala.  The reason behind its name can be understood by splitting the word like Meen + Muty. The word “Meen” stands for Fish and “Mutty” refers “Blocked”. The complete meaning of Meanmutty is that this waterfall blocked the fishes and therefore it is one of the most dazzling tourist’s spots in Kerala.  You can visit this place on the way to Ooty at height of 300 meters.

Soochipara Waterfalls:

This is another attraction of Honeymoon Package.   In 3 nights 4 days Kerala Honeymoon Packages, you must explore this dazzling place. Soochipara waterfall is located at a height of 200 meters. The might white water of Soochipara waterfalls is also prominently called the Sentinel Rock Waterfalls. You can explore this tourist attraction at Vellarimala. If you love adventurous sports like rock climbing, this place can highly enchant you when you dip your feet and chill for a long time.

Chembra Peak:

After waterfalls, its mighty hill, mountains peaks also attract lots of tourists from all around the world throughout the year. Chebmra peak is the one among them.  You can explore this peak at the height of 2100 meters above the ground and one of the most liked tourists’ attractions in Kerala Tour Packages.  The main reason behind its popularity is its heart-shaped lake at top of the hill. The many other glimpses of the place are Nilgiries mountain series, Malappuram and Kozhikode districts etc.

Banasura Sagar Dam:

The most prominent Banasura Sagar Dam which is also the second largest of its category in Asia is located in the Western Ghats at about 20 KM from Kalpetta. The main attractions of this dam are the wonderful scenes of mighty nature as well as picturesque mountain folds view at the backdrop of the dam. You can explore these attractions at the foothills of Banasura.  Here, you also don’t need to worry about stay options. Ample of Banasura Hill Resorts and Sharoy Resorts are available to book at a reasonable price.


Many more places are there in Kerala which may enchant you to great extent. If you are still searching the best attractions of Kerala Travel Packages, just visit View Holiday Trip Pvt Ltd or explore our website

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