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Unspoken Travel Rules about Thailand Every Person Should Know

Travel Rules about Thailand

You may turn your dream Thailand tour into a nightmare if you go wrong with the travel rules of Thailand. If you are traveling with your family or gang of friends, you should take special care to avoid any sorts of illegal activities against the laws of Thailand. The best thing is to hire a travel agency and avail the best Thailand Holiday Packages. If you want to greet your love with his/her Thailand trip, you may also go for an awesome Thailand Honeymoon Packages.

Here you go some crucial travel rules about Thailand that every person should know—

Laws for Drugs:

This strictly said sentence by the Thailand Judiciary shows how strict is the Thailand administration for all whether you are native or tourists. “The one who found guilty for having, holding, producing, selling, or transporting drugs is to be hanged to death.” Therefore, you are recommended not to indulge such kind of activities during your stay in Thailand.

Don’t Defame Thailand’s Royal People.  

As per the law called Lese Majeste (introduced in 1908), defaming, insulting, or threatening to any Thai royal family is against the laws of action of Thailand. You are also recommended not to step on the local currency (Thai Baht). Avoiding this, you may send to jail or be copped for a huge fine.  

Laws against Drinking in Thailand:

In Thailand, you are illegible for drinking merely if you are above 20. The entire bar owners don’t allow you to drink if you are underage because Thailand Police can occasionally or randomly raid on the bars to arrest the underage drinkers.  But if you are addicted to drinking, you can enjoy with alcohols. But for your safety and avoid any illegal activities, we also recommended you not to reach there for drinking. It may harm your whole life as you can be arrested by the Thailand Police.  Don’t drink alcohols in any public and religious places like Temples, church, mosque, petrol stations, Institutes, public offices, and pharmacies etc.  

Avoiding such law you can be found guilty and punished with 6-months imprisonment including 10,000 Thai Baht (THB) as a penalty amount. This law is stated under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act (2008).

Laws against Gambling in Thailand:

Any sorts of gambling for an unauthorized and non-governmental lottery and betting on horses are against the law.  You can never find any single casinos in Thailand. However many native people of Thailand do online betting. But you are recommended not to indulge or influenced by someone to indulge in gambling. Avoiding this, you may be sent to jail or copped with a huge a fine.   

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Laws against Smoking in Thailand:

In Thailand, due to health injuries and to control pollution, smoking has been permanently banned at 24 beaches as well as many prominent tourists’ spots such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Chon Buri, Pattaya and Songkhla provinces. The main intention of the Thailand government is to protect marine life and draining system from any sorts of damages due to pollution. The law is also the subject to be followed by the tourists and passenger in Thailand.  Even Electronic cigarettes have also been banned in Thailand since 2014.

Avoiding this law by any means will be a cause to lose your pocket for 100,000 THB as a penalty amount or you may also be sent to jail.

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