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What to see in Dubai in 5 Days

In today’s busy life, its very difficult to get some time off for our loved ones and when we manage to get some days off from our working lives, we always say that a small tour with family or friends makes the break worth. And we totally understand that you don’t want to waste your time in researching for the destination, looking for the best deals, in making Itineraries and in making your bucket list.

If you have already decided to go Dubai Tour and just hassling up in making the plans to what to do in Dubai and what not in 5 days. We are going to help you out in this article by giving you a perfect plan of 5 days in Dubai to make your life much easier as we want you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. We would never want that you miss something really good at the destination and regret it the entire life. In this article, we’ll make sure that we would not miss a anything important to mention to make your trip as excited as you want it to be.

Let’s look of the Plan:

Day 1:

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The City of Gold welcomes you to its sparkling and dazzling aura at day first. First day would remain tiring because of the travel, customs, hotel check-in and everything, that’s the reason we want your first day in Dubai to be more soothing and delegate. You can start your day with random walks gazing Dubai’s main attractions, the heights of Dubai, check out the shine around in this city. And in the evening plan for a Cruise Dinner which will make your first day remember able forever. Distress yourself by sailing across the Dubai Creek, enjoying Arabic music around. Have an amazing Dinner and mark your day first day in Dubai like this. Finish your day comforting yourself in your hotel room may be with a glass on wine. It sounds erotic, isn’t it? But make sure you give yourself good sleep so that you could start your 2nd day Early.

Day 2: So, as we said this day would start early morning at around 4-4:30 because you are going to start your day 2 with an amazing and exceptionally beautiful sunrise which you will not see siting in beaches like old school way. We have a plan for you to go for a Hot Air Balloon Flight to witness an amazing golden sunrise in the city of Gold. Also enjoy the Hatta Mountains on the same flight.

After the Sunrise you can head towards the streets of Dubai to quickly treat yourself with some amazing breakfast items. And then you are free to explore each and every corner of Dubai, The Burj, the historical streets, Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, the famous malls of Dubai, Dubai Museum and we bet that you’ll  get all tired after exploring all the places in mentioned above. Remember Dubai doesn’t have anything ordinary, everything there is huge…like HUGE. Take proper rest to give a kick start to the 3rd day of the trip.

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Day 3: For day 3rd, we would like you to have an extra-ordinary experience, so we recommend you to take a tour to Abu Dhabi City. Abu Dhabi City has a lot to offer which would be difficult to cover up in a day. Start your trip in Abu Dhabi from the famous and extravaganza Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, we bet you’ll be the fan of the work on the walls and the silent beauty of this place. Once you’ll get into this, you’ll realize that you have spent half of your day here just gazing and admiring the beauty over here. So, get fast and rush up to the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi City. Enjoy the F-1 races and experience this “all about Ferrari” world.

Day 4: Dedicate your day 4th to the main attractions of Dubai which we definitely don’t want you to miss under any circumstances. We all have seen the pictures and got amazed; thinking that how did this amazing man-made structure took place, yes, we are talking about Palm Jumeirah. We could not miss this man-made beach on a Dubai Tour. Kite Beach is also you would definitely want to visit to have some adventure sports time. Desert Safari is also one of the things you could plan on your Day 4th. Check out Dubai Desert in the late afternoon and spend the evening around the Dubai Fountains, have a candle-light dinner out there and end up your amazing day 4.

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Day 5

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Dedicate your day 5 to the culture and fun things of Dubai. Check out Dubai Opera, IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Parks and Resorts. Dubai knows very well how to treat its tourists by showcasing its amazing culture and hence offers such amazing Theme Parks and Cultural Parks to give a life-time experience to all its visitors. And here is how you’ll end up your 5 days in Dubai Tour.

We wish you a all fun journey!

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