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User-Profile   EERISHSKAVI  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Our experience with View Holiday Trip was great! I will rate 9 out of 10 in every area.Special Thanks to Dinesh for showing activeness in finding best deals for us. He has shown a high level of professionalism. Awesome experience

User-Profile   Bhavna kohli  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Nice as it seems my dream comes true thanks everything was superb and nice

User-Profile   Abdultayyab Barrister  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Great service and excellent coordination

User-Profile   AKHTAR SHAIKH  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

In my opinion view holiday trip is one of the best online travel platforms which provided me one of the best travel organizations . view holiday trip based in Rohini, Delhi for my Dubai trip. View holiday trip gave me the best suitable quote depending on my requirement and it fulfilled all of them which were promised. I strongly recommend online travel platform For View Holiday Trip. Only one word Excellent Excellent Excellent and Excellent Everything was memorable the trips was memorable

User-Profile   SHREYA MEHTA  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Trip was great. We enjoyed a lot. Thanks to view holiday trip {Dinesh and Sunil} for helping me throughout with the package on my budget,that to last moment.

User-Profile   JINDALMANI  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

It was very well organized. Didnt face any difficulty throughout the trip. Tour operator in Dubai and their fellow members were very helpful. loved the visit.

On Oct, 2017

Overall i would like to rate this Duabi trip to 4 out of 5.Please try to show more places in the recommended package,I would like to highly recommend this trip to everyone.The service was good and agents are in touch every time they cooperated well.

User-Profile   NATASHA DESAI  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Be more informative towards the customers. Keep personal touch do not rely on outsourcing team. Venetian stay

User-Profile   Kunal Tela  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

It was very well organized sight seeing trip above expectations. Moreover, people were very responsive and never got irritated on any number calls done for any sort of clarifications.

User-Profile   Sukhwinder Singh  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Excellent Services. Kudos to Mr. Dinesh !!!! All the things were very well organised during the whole trip.


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