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Terms And Conditions

Unless we specify or grant in our website, you are not legally allowed to download, copy, publish distribute and reproduce the content and pictures from our website by any means and by any format. We hereby declare that all information presented in this website in terms of data, content, videos, audios, and images or other means of content materials may be tangible or intangible.

All your access to this website will be non-transferable and non-exclusive according to these terms and conditions. We also declare that we may update any sorts of data such as travel cost and tour packages on our website at any time and without any pre-notice. We have the right to add, amend or delete any sorts of tour and travel services on our website. If you are continuously using this website and follow such updates to our terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by such of these updates..

Users are not allowed for these:

  • As per our agreement license, you are not allowed to trespass, attempt to trespass, access to our web servers or use any parts of it.
  • Users are not allowed to use our data to which they are not legally authorized.
  • You are not allowed to prevent or restrict someone from utilizing the website products and services.
  • You are not allowed to post any sorts of unlawful, fraudulent, pornographic, threatening and abusive content or information on our website.
  • It would be unlawful and illegal to transmit promotional content or offers and other commercial communications and spamming.
  • You have no rights to upload, transmit and reproduce any parts of information displayed on our website. All our website data is copyrighted by us. Finding any kinds of misuse or unauthorized access to website data, we are legally allowed to charge against you under our terms of the license granted by us.

Third Party Information:

Users may see the content provided by the third parties or from other business sources as well as business references. You would only respond to follow, use or access such content. We and any of our representatives are not responsible if any of such information is not recently updated or up to date. Users are also recommended to be cautioned of the reliability and accuracy of such information. The View Holiday Trip PVT LTD or any of its subsidiaries are not responsible by any means in regard to use and following such kind of data. It’s all up to your own risk.

We can’t guarantee:

  • However, we do many commercial and reasonable efforts ensuring our users for 24 X 7 hours access. But we can’t guarantee or warranty for the same.
  • We can’t guarantee for the website compatibility with your systems. You are only responsible for your own hardware and software.
  • We can’t guarantee for all time accessibility of our websites during temporary suspension. It is due to upgrade or amendments on the website. You may also be restricted for access and use this website anytime without any prior notice.
  • Company or any of its members are not responsible for any sorts of loss or damage while such prohibition or restriction.
  • We can’t guarantee that all references and sources you may see here on this website are accurate. Third party links sources may lead you to some other sites. In that case, we are not responsible for the accuracy, accessibility, and availability of any such info.

Embedded content information:

All embedded video, audio, images and text in this website are from the third party hosted sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc. The overall embedded content is subjected to our terms and conditions authorized by legal authorities of India and from the location at which these content are published or hosted. All these contents are under the terms of license imposed by the owner of the content. You are only responsible for any fraudulence or failure to comply with these terms under those licenses or agreements.

User-generated content information:

You further agree that all the views and opinions posted on this website by the other users should not be ascribed by us or our board of committee members. It would be the sole responsibility of users for accuracy, completeness, and reliability of such data expressed or generated by the third parties or other users. You are also recommended or advised to submit a copyright infringement notification to us, in case of any copyright-protected information or content was published here on the website. The notification is only liable to send by the copyright owner or an authorized agent on behalf of the owner with his or her identity proof. All users’ information collected by the forms on the website is just used to send promotional content to you.

All content of this website is our intellectual property right and comes under the terms of our license/agreement.We reserve all the rights of lawfully adding, removing, updating any sorts of website information with any prior knowledge of someone. However, you print or download the website content only for non-commercial or personal use. But, we don’t lose our authorization and copyright over the content of this website. Unless otherwise it’s mentioned, The Company “View Holiday Trip PVT LTD” has its own copyright over the website and all its content by all means.We hereby declare that all comments, reviews, ideas, and know-how proposals can be permanently deleted or modified anytime without any prior knowledge to the users.


No Promotional offers:

The company View Holiday Trip PVT LTD and any of its subsidiaries never display, send messages and never indulge any of such activities. We never promote anything except our own copyrighted travel service packages. Nothing in this website constitutes any promotional offers to sell and never relates to any of our investment dealings. Customers are solely responsible for any of such sorts of commercial deal offers. To prevent any sorts of frauds, you are recommended to once confirm with us for any such deals. You are only responsible for your own decision and use of this website. All these terms of use are applicable to our judiciary members.


You further understand and agree that any of our employees, representatives, directors, agents, contractors, and suppliers would be found innocent against liabilities, damages, claims and any sorts of costs and expenditures. The company “View Holiday Trip PVT LTD” reserve the fullest right to defend of all sorts of claims, negotiations, and activities for all settlements at our own expense. For any kind of policy settlements practices, please refer to our privacy policies and PIC (Personal Information Collection) statement.


The companies validity, enforceability, legality is not the subject to be affected by any pre illegality, invalidity and unenforceability of any or whatever previous under the use of these terms as well as the judiciary law.

Final Conclusion:

All of the company’s terms and conditions are copyrighted. No one has any right to use these terms for their own use by any means. Besides, all these terms of use are only for your conveniences, not for any sorts of interpretation. All above declared attested terms of use are authorized by the India law of tour and travel administrative department.


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