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User-Profile   BALAJI JHA  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

The size of the room and washroom was very small in Hong Kong . .did not expect this. .Room was very good in macau. .& cab drivers were good in Hong Kong.

User-Profile   Sindhuja  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Everything was well organized and sorted except for the airport drop service on the day of departure. Pick up was delayed, and we had to take taxi on our own to reach airport. Luckily hotel was just 4kms away from DXB so we were on time. Apart from this rest all was very good.. Thanks VHT for giving us great Dubai memories. Hotels : Excellent, Cab & Driver : Very Good and Services of Travel Agent : Good

User-Profile   Sindhuja Satish  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Amazing trip and awesome memories. Thanks Travel Triangle and View Holiday Trip team.

User-Profile   Radhika dalal  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Awesome trip. All was according to the plan. Mr sunil was very cooperative and planned my trip exactly the same way as I had asked him to. Will definitely recommend view holidays to others. Thank u

User-Profile   PARUSH SARNA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Gud Gud experience in my life enjoy the tour......

User-Profile   ERSANDEEP MALIK  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

5 out of 5.. All Things are good

User-Profile   MUKUT PANDEY  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Over all experience was good. Disneyland and Ocean park are must visit places.

User-Profile   REEMA GABA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Very Good

User-Profile   SATNAM SINGH,  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

All tours were best , excellent services ,

User-Profile   GOURI NAIR  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

All Arrangement are Good


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