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User-Profile   PRASHANT GUPTA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

View Holiday Trip did a good job. Everything was timely arranged. We did not face any issue wrt cabs/hotel/pickup/drop etc. Dinesh (from VHT) wasvery prompt in solving queries. However, Dhow cruise and desert safari could have been better in terms of quality. We noticed that other cruise and safari camps were better off. Sea View Hotel was good. Staff was very supportive.

User-Profile   MANALI GUPTA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

View Holiday Trip have planned the trip well. Happy with the trip...looking forward to buy more trips in future.. Hotel was located near to Market and Metro..easily accessible to all tourist location..sight seeing was well planned..properly coordinated...Good Job..Thanks

User-Profile    AAYUSH WALKE  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Thanks view holiday trip for arranging a wonderful trip to hongkong .we all enjoyed the rides .and we would againlike to join you for our next trip .food in hotel was amezing the transportation was good and hotel was also nice ....thanks again for arranging english speaking driver and guide

User-Profile   ANSHU GOEL  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

The package made by you was very good, did not face any problems while our stay in hongkong and macau. Thank you.

User-Profile   ANKEET PANDA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Very Good Company in india

User-Profile   DODIA ROHIT  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

I was nice trip to Dubai. All of us enjoyed a lot. The arrangements as per the scheduled. Enjoyed Dhow cruise Dinner and desert safari.

User-Profile   SAURAV  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Excellent trip.. Burj Khalifa and dune bashing

User-Profile   POONAM GANESH,  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Very well coordinated trip to Hong kong . Kids enjoyed to the core..loved everything about the trip .Thanks view holiday trip. Disney land , ocean park and wax museum

User-Profile   BINDU TEWARI  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Excellent in India. Neha & Dinesh 5/5 rating In Hong kong all, else was good but local provider Travel bulls is not good at time management. Mr Sunny is quite confused..and they think its ok to make Indians wait for atleast an hour in lobby. You need to update the local travel agents to be better planned Disneyland & Ocean Park

User-Profile   AKSHAYA BANODKAR,  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Everything was good..except the last day..when we has to leave from macau for hongkong airport.our flight was preponed by 1 hr..and we had no idea about it


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