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User-Profile   Vilas Deshmukh  | Dubai
On Jan, 2019

Just came back from a trip to Dubai. It was just an amazing experience. We were planning the itinerary for this trip with Sunil for almost couple of months and he was very patient with every change that we wanted to accommodate. Everything from the flight tickets, visas, hotel reservations and the transport everything was very well organized. Of course, there were couple of things those could have been better... 1. On the flight bookings, the kids were mentioned as adults. While this was not an issue on the airport in India, we had to wait for more than half an hour on Dubai Airport to get this fixed. 2. There are places in Dubai where kids elder than 2 years are charged but the tickets were not booked by the agent for our kid who is little over two years. We had to separately buy tickets for him. Except these little glitches, everything else was just awesome. Highly recommended!

User-Profile   Prerna Bansal  | Dubai
On Jan, 2019

We had been to Dubai with View holiday trip. It was an amazing experience and everything was well arranged. All the destinations were organised very well by Mr. Sunil. It was a memorable trip.

User-Profile    Abhishek Gaur
On Jan, 2019

It was amazing trip.... with ton of enjoyment Best tour i ever had yet...thanks to VHT. Go for VHt only .

User-Profile   Viraj Sarin
On Jan, 2019

User-Profile   sanjeev uppal  | Dubai
On Jan, 2019

Ultimate experience of life time of dubai and ultimate hospitality with tour staff even from India and dubai. Really appreciate the working style of staff.

User-Profile   Kaushal Jagwani
On Jan, 2019

User-Profile   Nancy Jain  | Dubai
On Jan, 2019

We had been to Dubai with this travel company. It was an amazing experience and everything was well arranged. Ms. Ruchi organised it well. All and all it was a memorable trip.

User-Profile   shagun sharma  | Dubai
On Jan, 2019

View my holiday has provided everything they promised. Though there was some confusion and we got really worried in Dubai especially when we could not talk them in any other way other than whats app texting they fixed everything relieving us of the tension. Def worth travelling with again. Thank you for organising everything the way we wanted.

User-Profile   shiva prasad
On Jan, 2019

It was a superb trip thank you guys Shiva Prasad

User-Profile   Gaganmeet Singh  | Dubai
On Jan, 2019

I really wana thanks to view holidays for making an amazing tour for dubai , view holiday team are so supportive specially sunil they call me everyday in dubai to confirm me how s going in othr words whatever they promise they have complete , so keep the good work going ,making traveller happy , again thank u sunil for making an amazing trip 👍👍👍👍


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