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User-Profile   Jyoti Chauhan  | Dubai
On May, 2018

Booked a trip for Dubai through VHT... Just let them know what and how u want, and they will arrange for you.. Really had a great trip.. Will highly recommend them to all family/friends for their travel needs.. Well done guys..

User-Profile   Rupali Bhattacharya  | Dubai
On May, 2018

Great experience... Our travel was perfectly planned and executed that no follow ups were needed... Both Suneel and Dinesh were a great help.

User-Profile   Dan Bhandari  | Dubai
On May, 2018

The trip to Dubai form 6th to 11th Nov was very comfortable journey and we all group enjoy very much as well as good service provided by the travel agency. With thanks to them.

User-Profile   Manish  | Malasiya
On May, 2018

Cutting tea and samosa are good but not great.

User-Profile   Shambhu Deshpandey  | Hong kong & Macau
On May, 2018

As per business partner I will rate VHT 10 out of 10 because they are very helpful and supportive at any time, I think it is very difficult without support so I am always thank full to Dinesh Sir at VHT.

User-Profile   Niranjan Das  | Dubai
On May, 2018

If you do not have a friend overseas, View Holiday Trip is like the next best thing. We found their guides so friendly and knowledgeable, Wow! so good that we even traded recipes and photos with a couple of them after the trip.

User-Profile   Suraj Sudhi  | Hong kong & Macau
On May, 2018

I was contacted by Priyanka from View Holiday to plan the trip. She was very knowledgable about both Hong Kong and Macau and was able to give step by step details about the trip. The entire trip was very smooth starting from the time we boarded the flight in Bangalore to our return back to Bangalore after the trip. What Priyanka ensured was that the itinerary included sufficient rest as well especially as we were going with small children so that we were able to enjoy the attractions without feeling rushed. Also itinerary included free time for us to explore individually as well so that we could do some shopping and local sight seeing as well. Priyanka also accommodated our requests to have direct flights and also book hotels wihich was in vicinity of Indian restaurants so that we didn’t have issues with travel and food. The only small point of improvement would be to advise the destination travel partners to be flexible to let us watch closing ceremony at Disney and Ocean’s park

User-Profile   Deepesh Rathore  | Hong kong & Macau
On Apr, 2018

I must say our 2 weeks in Hong Kong has truly been the best experience of my life till now! We truly appreciate you planning that for us! Seriously :)

User-Profile   Jagdish Mehta  | Other
On Apr, 2018

Too far from my location, but overall good response and support from their team and owner

User-Profile   Sanjay Kumar  | Dubai
On Apr, 2018

In general, it was a good and enjoyable tour for us


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