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User-Profile   SAHIL VASHIST  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Overall trip is good. Thanks

User-Profile   SRV DON  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Very well planned and economic vacation.

User-Profile   ANUSHREE DIXIT  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Wonderful and economic trip organized by view holiday trip. It is highly recommended.

User-Profile   DEEPAK ACHARYA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Thank you for concern. I appreciate what you have done to make people feel good about holiday trip. Keep up your hard work :-)

User-Profile   SATYA  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Excellently organised trip... Great co-ordination... Had a wonderful time with family... Hotel arranged could have been much better... Burj Khalifa, Abu Dhabi tour

User-Profile   MADHU HEGDE  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Very good

User-Profile   DR PRIYA DADHICH  | Hong kong & Macau
On Oct, 2017

Travel agent team is very friendly Neha as an executive was always available for help The package had no fake commitments Everything was carried out smoothly in hongkong and Macau. I would recommend this trip as value for money!

User-Profile   GARG VINEET  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Very Good

User-Profile   JAIN AYUSHU  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Previously had a big problem ...because my hotel booking got canclled. Later after waiting for 3hours.travel agent provided us with very good hotel Lost chambers aqua venture. Palm jumaria mosque

User-Profile   SSRAW BHUSHAN  | Dubai
On Oct, 2017

Its perfect


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